NT Pro-F Prebiotic Fish Food

The only probiotic diet on the UK market for all common community tropical fish species. A highly digestible food that produces low waste which helps keep your aquarium cleaner. A nutritionally complete slow sinking granular food for all tropical fish species. The 0.8 -1.2mm granule floats and then particles sink at different rates allowing fish to feed at their preferred level in the water column. Probiotic bacteria increases digestion resulting in significantly less waste and cleaner water. Probiotic Tropical contains probiotic bacteria ensuring your fish digest and absorb more of the nutrients resulting in less waste and improved water quality. Stimune supports a fishs immune system keeping them healthy and primed to fight off disease. Packed with natural colour enhancing and highly nutritious spirulina to emphasise the colours of your fish. With easily digested krill and squid meal Probiotic Tropical is highly palatable to a wide variety of species. Probiotic Tropical 0.8 - 1.2mm granules break the surface of the water at different rates allowing fish to feed at their preferred position in the water column

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