Stendker Discus

Commonly referred to as the "Kings of the Aquarium”.

Discus fish belong to the Cichlid genus and originate in the Amazon region of South America.

Discus fish are available as: fish caught in the wild, Asian captive breeds and German captive breeds.

STENDKER Discus Fish live for up to 15 years, can reach a size of up to 21cm / 8” in diameter and are fully grown at the age of 2 to 2.5 years. Discus fish love the company of members of their own species (Cichlid Behavioural Characteristics) and should be kept in groups of at least 10 whilst growing, or in Pairs as adults.

In the wild the discus fish habitat is made up of sandy soils and roots, under which they like to shelter.

Discus fish also feel quite at home in an aquarium with plant life, often this habitat is pleasanter than in the wild.

STENDKER Discus Fish are accustomed to German tap water and are easy to keep. Hence, keeping them has little in common with the challenge of keeping fish which have been caught in the wild.

Thanks to STENDKER DISCUS GERMANY, Discus Fish can successfully be kept raised and bred in UK tap water. BLACK COUNTRY AQUATICS offers German captive bred STENDKER Discus Fish in all 26 colours.

Water chemistry data at STENDKER GERMANY. 
General hardness (GH) 15 Carbonate hardness (KH) 8 pH value 7 
Conductivity 800 µS 
Water temperature 28° -30c Or 82 – 86° Fahrenheit.

Discus fish are specialised feeders so we strongly recommend the specially-developed feedmix that these Discus have been raised on.


Feeding discus fish is easy and provides your fish with an all-round, healthy diet. Our Discus Feed is wholly suitable as a complete feed, this excellent and balanced feed-mix plays a considerable role in keeping your discus fish healthy, and in ensuring brilliant colours, good reproduction and growth.

Please research the species or ask for advice before purchasing.

Price Information:

£30 6.5cm-8cm, 
£40 8cm-10cm, 
£50 10cm-12cm+