Freshwater Stingrays are increasingly becoming available in aquatic shops around the UK. Stingrays are Cartilaginous fish which refers to the skeleton, it has no bone structure only CARTILAGE this allows for extreme flexibility when swimming and catching prey.

There are numerous Genera of Stingrays around the world some live in the vast Oceans where some live in Freshwater. The freshwater stingrays consists of the genera Dasytis and Himantura as well as the Potamotrygoniod species. The latter being the most common of all imports from South America, therefore being the most popular in aquaria.

Potamotrygon Motoro, Potamotrygon Leopoldi and Potamotrygon Orbignyi (reticulatus) being the most common due to various colours patterns and most importantly for the hobby "the size."

Freshwater Stingrays are Predator fish which require fresh food on a regular basis, they require a large enviroment to live in which means NO tank is to big but most tanks are to SMALL so please research them.

Stingrays are live bearers, there are numerous breeders around the UK that hold vasts amount of knowledge and expertise about these beautiful fish and they are mostly very approachable and willing to advise on the hobby.

Please research them

Here at BLACK COUNTRY AQUATICS we sell both UK bred pups and imported pups from South America we also sell the correct SUBSTRATE and tank DECOR to complete your Aquarium.