Pleco L Numbers

Loricariidae is the largest family of Catfish with 92 genera and just over 700 species to date, with new species being described every year. Most Loricariids originate from freshwater habitats in South America.

These fish are noted for the bony plates covering their bodies and their suckermouths.

Several genera are sold as and commonly referred to as "PLECOS" or L Numbers notably the suckermouth catfish, and are extremely popular both with specialist breeders and community tank keepers within the hobby.

Plecos are mainly found in swift-flowing rivers and streams They can be found in torrential conditions, quiet brackish estuaries, black acidic waters, and even in subterranean habitats.

Here at BLACK COUNTRY AQUATICS we import and sell various species from the Amazonian area of South America, the water conditions in this area are predominantly acidic which means the water is soft and has a PH below 7.

Not all Loricariidae share the same dietary requirements, so when purchasing please read the tank info to ensure you have the correct food to keep the fish healthy.

Please bare in mind most of the Loricariidae family come from high oxygenated waters so your Aquarium will need to reflect that. They should be kept between 25 - 30c and the tank layout and temp should reflect the species natural habitat.

Please research the species or ask for advice before purchasing.